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Woodward 505 Steam Turbine Control

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The NEW Woodward 505 range redefines the standard in steam turbine control.

Woodward has long set the benchmark in steam turbine control, with the heritage and longevity of the 505 product range. The NEW Woodward 505 draws from its history, and incorporates the latest technology and advanced algorithms bringing enhanced graphical interface, connectivity and communications to your plant.

Truly a window into your steam turbine, the NEW Woodward 505 puts critical information at the operators' fingertips, and provides easy connectivity with plant operations and other Woodward equipment.

505 unit facing left

Product features:

Improved graphical interface

  • Front Panel HMI Screen
  • Multilingual
  • Real time trending
  • Graphic steam map (505 XLT)
  • Improved communications
  • Ethernet communications,/LI>
  • Distributed I/O (LinkNet-HT)
  • CANOpen Actuator and DSLC-II Network

Intelligent/Adaptive Control Algorithms

  • Adaptive PIDs
  • Rotor Stress Monitor Logs

Improved Service/User Tools

  • Service Tool (configure, save and compare settings)
  • Control Assistant - Data Log Trend Files

505 Screen Samples

Click on Thumbnail to see larger image

Front_Panel_with_Login_Screen_Thumb Config_Home_Thumb Turbine_Overview_Page_Thumb Run_Speed_DYN1_Thumb Front_Panel_with_Speed_Screen_Thumb
Login Screen Configuration Turbine Overview Run Speed DYN1 Speed Screen

The NEW Woodward 505 offers unequaled operator insight and communications, bringing with it peace of mind to plant operations.

To see the 505 and 505-XT Controller brochure click here or to see the Usage Guidelines click here

Register with Peaker Services, Inc., your Woodward Channel Partner today to bring the NEW Woodward 505 benefits to your operation.

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