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When you want the highest quality, look to PSI for rebuilding or repair.

To ensure that your assembly meets OEM specifications, we:
  • clean the crankcase, pan and components to bare metal
  • undertake a thorough inspection by experienced, trained PSI technical staff
  • conduct non-destructive (NDT) magnetic particle testing of welds and high stress areas
  • check crankcase line bore with precision gauges, and retain all measurements for future reference and quick accessibility
  • check all threaded holes
As needed, we then:

  • repair cylinder pot cracks
  • repair test cock tube cracks
  • correct crankcase line bore
  • repair A-frame cracks
  • repair any structural damage
  • repair main bearing serrations
  • restore mounting pad surfaces
  • repair hand hole window
  • repair threaded holes
  • restore cylinder pot surface
  • resurface the exhaust deck
  • remachine the end sheets
Following the comprehensive rebuild or repair, the reconditioned unit is shipped to you for equipping and installation. If you'd prefer, PSI will handle the refitting.

Remember:  All PSI rebuilt case and pan assemblies meet OEM specifications and are backed by a PSI 1-year warranty.

To keep your equipment running, contact PSI for rebuilt engines.
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