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A Tradition of Unique Quality Solutions


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[item] Simplified Operation [/item]
[item] Reduced Operating Costs [/item]
[item] Increased Efficiency [/item]
[item] Simplified Maintenance [/item]
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[item] Reduced Energy Usage [/item]
[item] Increased Reliability [/item]
[item] Reduced Emissions [/item]
[item] Sustainable Alternative [/item]


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EMD Engine Service

As a chief supplier to railroads, power generation and marine companies, PSI is recognized as the quality leader in rebuilding and repairing EMD diesel engines and related equipment.

Control System Service

Revise Peaker Services is a Woodward Channel Partner, Recognized Engine & Turbine Retrofitter and Authorized Service Facility. PSI is at the forefront of system application engineering solutions.

Quality Systems

PSI is ISO 9001 certified and we were one of the first locomotive engine rebuilders to be certified under AAR M1003.