EMD Engine Remanufacturing and Repair

Rhode Island

Peaker Keeps Your EMD Engine Running

Peaker Services, Inc. remanufactures many brands of locomotives, including EMD. With hundreds of hours combined in experience, our technicians work together to provide you the best possible service, while meeting or exceeding (AAR) M-1003 standards. You want someone you can trust who services the Rhode Island area. That is Peaker Services, Inc.

We have a passion for remanufacturing, modernizing, and optimizing legacy engines. An engine designed and manufactured over 50 years ago can deliver present day performance. With hundreds of man-years combined experience, our technicians and experts work together to provide you the best possible service in Rhode Island.

Remanufacture Your EMD Engine

Just as you would take your vehicle into a repair shop to be serviced for maintenance, treat your locomotive with the same care and respect. Peaker Services, Inc. understands that downtime means loss of revenue, however, a derailed or broken-down train causes more damage and loss. By remanufacturing or overhauling your locomotive, you are saving approximately 60% of a brand new locomotive without sacrificing quality or performance. PSI will work with your company to decide which option is best for you, factoring in budgets, time, technology upgrades, availability, and maintenance needs. Our field engineers in Rhode Island will inspect your engine and provide you the best solution for your locomotive.

Whether you need an engine repair or complete remanufacture, Peaker Services, Inc. has been a name that customers have counted on for 48 years. Our engines are very well known in the rail, marine, industrial, and power generation industries. We pride ourselves in that we are a process driven rebuilder with highly skilled employees, validated by AAR M-1003 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications.

Our Offerings Include:

  • Engine remanufacture R&R, UTEX, or outright sale
  • Case and pan rebuild
  • Custom repair (repair of a broken engine which has not completed its life cycle)
  • Power assemblies
  • Governors, OEM (Woodward Authorized Independent Service Facility)
  • Engine components
Rhode Island EMD engine remanufacturing before
Rhode Island EMD engine remanufacturing after

Call us today at (800) 622-4224 for your EMD Engine Remanufacturing in Rhode Island.