Purpose and Tenets



Our industrial customers need to simplify operation and maintenance of their power resources while reducing operating costs and emissions and increasing efficiency, reliability, and safety. To meet these needs, Peaker Services provides unique prime mover and control system solutions through remanufacturing, field service, distribution, and system integration.


  • We will act in what we believe to be the mutual best interest of PSI and our customers, suppliers, employees, community or anyone who is affected by the way in which we do business.
  • We consider it our responsibility to be at the forefront of the field in knowledge of our products and service methods. We will use this knowledge to provide superior service to our customers.
  • PSI intends for all its employees to have opportunity for pride of workmanship, interest, and challenge in their work and for all to have opportunity for personal development.
  • We will appropriately involve people in decisions that affect them.
  • PSI employees act in a responsible manner as a result of free commitment.
  • Problems and Improvement Opportunities are approached in a constructively, collaborative manner.
  • Use of Quality as a Business Strategy as a framework for management and use of the Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle as a thought process for systematic learning and improvement has become second nature.
  • Profitability is sufficient to meet the appropriate short and long term needs of PSI’s stakeholders.
  • We will focus on employee development and process effectiveness to minimize the need for inspection in maintaining conformance levels of quality.
  • PSI is not dependent on any one contract – no customers exceed 30% of the business.
  • PSI is owned by its employees.