Gas Reciprocating Engine Valve Repair

Peaker Services, Inc. provides gas reciprocating engine valve repair to optimize efficiency and performance, reduce operating/maintenance costs, increase reliability, and safety.

As with any Woodward, Inc. product, we can repair, remanufacture, or replace gas engine valves. These include all flow metering, shutoff, and stop/ratio valves.
All gas valves will be tested and inspected before repair.

Testing Includes:

  • Possible Failure Detection in CAN Communication
  • Revision of Software
  • Demand Source
  • Valve Functionality

Peaker Services, Inc. uses warranty-backed, OEM parts for replacement that meet or exceed Woodward, Inc.’s standards.

Popular gas valves we service include TecJet 50 Plus, 52, 85, 110 and ProAct Actuator.

Why Choose Peaker?

We listen closely to our customer needs. All aspects from financial, technical, and user requirements are incorporated into our designs. We work side by side with our select vendors, service shops, and end users to learn how to most closely meet their needs.

PSI’s experienced, multi-disciplined engineers and technicians are mechanical, electrical, and controls specialists. Our team uses Electrical and Mechanical Design Software, Human Machine Interface and Service Software, Instrumentation and Monitoring Software, Vibration Analyzers as tools to develop and validate our unique solutions.

Our team of sales managers, application engineers, and field technicians are ready to meet with you. We’re happy to be of service.

Call today at (800) 622-4224.

Gas Reciprocating Engine Valve Repair TechJect 85
Gas Reciprocating Engine Valve Repair TechJect 110
Gas Reciprocating Engine Valve Repair TechJect 52