EMD MP Genset Modernization

GM Power Plaque

Peaker Services, Inc. has been supporting EMD (General Motors – Electro-Motive Division) Packaged Gensets, since the company’s existence. These mobile power (MP) gensets were packaged by EMD in the 1960s and 1970s as movable, automated 2MW and 2.5MW peaking, and backup power generation. Multiple on-site MP gensets could be quickly remotely started, synchronized, based loaded to the utility grid for peaking power and low voltage support, unloaded, and shutdown remotely. The technology available at that time though had limitations can now be overcome with current technology.

Over the years, Peaker Services in close collaboration with our customers have developed into a comprehensive system modernization solution proven on over 150 MP36 and MP45 genset packages worldwide. The modernization retrofit allows customers to breath new life into these valuable legacy assets.

Old wiring genset

Increased Safety:

  • Problem: Rubber wire insulation used during EMD’s original packaging become brittle over time and exposure in high temperature operation. Cracked and broken wire insulation are the primary cause of unit fires and shorting hazards for operators and service technicians
  • Solution: All rubber insulated wiring is replaced with high temperature rated insulated wire

Increased Performance:

  • Problem: Open loop power control resulted in ambient temperature overloading (Cold) and underloading (Hot) as significant as 300kW per engine or 1500kW for a five genset site. Engine driven governors would over-fuel or under-fuel on startup resulting in large plumes of visible smoke or failed remote and local starts. Common breaker trips during full load operation would result in engine over-speeding events.
  • Solution: All analog electronic controls, relays, switch-based instrumentation, and engine driven actuators are replaced with current microprocessor-based networked controls and high-speed digital electric actuators.
New wiring genset

Enhanced Simplified Operation and Maintenance:

  • Problem: A multitude of mechanical, electrical, and electronic components provided minimal feedback or information on system operation or maintenance issues.
  • Solution: Proven microprocessor-based components and analog instrumentation provide system overviews, monitoring, trending, event/alarm/shutdown logging on local human machine interface (HMI) touchscreens, and remote SCADA systems.

Increased Availability and Reliability:

  • Problem: A multitude of older mechanical-electrical mechanisms, relays and analog electronic components were packaged in order to provide unmanned operation. Many of these components were subject to wear, heat, vibration, tampering and obsolescence. This resulted in units being out of service and having poor starting and operational reliability. Extensive field service support was required to keep the units operational.
  • Solution: A significant reduction of obsolete complex control mechanisms are replaced with proven, robust microprocessor-based controls and components.
Genset modernization