Industry Needs Our Industry

Industrial processes at petroleum/chemical refineries, steel/paper mills, and manufacturing plants are critical. The goal is to keep the process running at its maximum output simply, safely, and reliably, with minimal impact on the environment and at the lowest cost possible. With process product mix and complexity growing industrial turbines and motors driving mechanical equipment must simply control across a wider operating range in order to meet process demands.

Compressor and blower surge controls must monitor the process output and avoid running into surge conditions, while trying to safely achieve maximum output. Company insurance premiums are tied to the safety integrity level (SIL) ratings on turbine controls and protection systems. Many legacy assets have obsolete controls, which don’t interface with plant systems or newer equipment. Meanwhile, experienced, dependable human resources required to operate and maintain complex processes are difficult to find. Without reliable machine operation processes can shutdown causing product losses, lost production and maintenance costs.

Peaker Services, Inc. understands all aspects of industrial process control and service needs.

Experienced Industrial Technicians

The word “Peaker” refers to peak power generating assets that are called into service at a moment’s notice and expected to fill in gaps in electrical power capacity. Peaker Services, Inc. addresses unique problems such as high production loss risks, lack of experienced and reliable human resources to support a complex operating and maintenance environment, high insurance premiums due to unsafe equipment, unreliable equipment, and lack of support on obsolete components. PSI’ solutions fill the gaps these unique problems create by using modern mechanical and digital technology, data analysis, and advanced service techniques. By thoroughly understanding customers’ needs we optimize efficiency, reduce operating and maintenance costs, simplify operations, and increase reliability and safety while helping meet emissions and safety objectives.

Compressor Configuration

Service Means Everything

The word “Services” refers to being able to help customers meet critical timelines and ensure maximum profitability. Like any industrial asset, industrial process assets need regular maintenance. Even with stringent maintenance schedules, sometimes parts fail unexpectedly. Peaker Services understands industry needs and can accommodate them. Two major questions that need immediate answers when the time for service arrives: 1) Level of expertise 2) Time to arrive and resolve. We have you covered.

Peaker Services is here to provide service 24/7. We retrofit and service engine and turbine gensets in all types of generation applications. Whether you own an on-site generation asset, a fleet of power plants, or anything in between, your equipment roster is our priority.

Peaker Services is there for you. Our 24/7 emergency service line is available for you 365 days per year. Based on your needs, we will send our most qualified professionals to understand and analyze your needs. We then will propose a retrofit modernization plan or service strategy for your power plant or just roll up our sleeves and fix what needs to be fixed. Your business is not only your priority, but ours as well. PSI will also provide over the phone service to assist with additional emergency issues that may not require a technician to be onsite.

Service extends the life of your industrial asset while incorporating all of today’s latest technologies in order to achieve corporate performance goals.

Peaker Services can help you achieve your critical goals.

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