Keep Your Locomotive On Track!

Buying markets have changed drastically in the last 50 years. Businesses and families have altered their buying habits from replacing a product when it is unrepairable to now purchasing the latest-and-greatest items instead of putting in resources for repair. Products that are more expensive tend to have fewer resources allocated to them and get left to operate until the unfixable happens, which can be more costly in the long run.

The rail industry has relied on internal and external resources for their engine overhaul needs. Based on business conditions and strategies, the pendulum swings from in-house to outsource. The transitions often create quality problems as both entities struggle to find and train the people they hire. Hiring knowledgeable experts can be challenging as railroads hustle to put power on the tracks. Updating locomotives with current technologies to gain the benefits modernization and digitization can bring everything to an idle.

As new products are needed for companies to operate, Peaker Services, Inc. also understands and offers quality, effective, and cost-saving options by remanufacturing and overhauling locomotive engines. By remanufacturing your locomotive, you are adding 15-20 years of life to your locomotive without sacrificing quality or performance. Overhauls typically add 7-9 years of life. By extending your asset’s service life and upgrading to today’s technologies, your renovated locomotive will keep your business on track!

Why Choose Peaker?

Operating for over 45 years, PSI understands the challenges railroads face and offers specialized and standard services to help overhaul or custom remanufacture your locomotive engine and/or entire locomotive. Combining our professionals with tools and processes deliberately perfected over the years, we can handle any program, overflow, or catastrophic failure and get your power quickly back on the tracks. We can also modernize any system to save fuel, increase reliability, and improve performance.

Peaker Services, Inc. remanufactures many brands of locomotives, including EMD. With hundreds of hours combined in experience, our technicians work together to provide you the best possible service, while meeting or exceeding (AAR) M-1003 standards.

We have a passion for remanufacturing, modernizing, and optimizing legacy engines. An engine designed and manufactured over 50 years ago can deliver present day performance. With hundreds of man-years combined experience, our technicians and experts work together to provide you the best possible service.

Just as you would take your vehicle into a repair shop to be serviced for maintenance, treat your locomotive with the same care and respect. Peaker Services, Inc. understands that downtime means loss of revenue, however, a derailed or broken-down train causes more damage and loss. By remanufacturing or overhauling your locomotive, you are saving approximately 60% of a brand new locomotive without sacrificing quality or performance. PSI will work with your company to decide which option is best for you, factoring in budgets, time, technology upgrades, availability, and maintenance needs.

You can rely on us because we love what we do and have the history of quality to back it up. Our people are ready, willing, and able to serve. As one VP exclaimed to his operations manager, “Who bought the new engine?” during a shop walk through. Our customer replied “It’s not a new engine, it’s a Peaker built engine.”

Locomotive Applications

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